Difference Between Leadership And Management

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While they are different, leadership and management have often been used interchangeably. Even the concepts have been subject to intense discussion because of the lack of a clear distinction (Connolly, James & Fertig, 2017). The debate has yielded some notable differences between the two concepts.

On the overall, unlike leadership, management is a mere social organization (Connolly, James & Fertig, 2017). In particular, management involves delegation. It serves to assign and allocate responsibilities aimed at making systems function properly. On the other hand, leadership entails setting goals and influencing other people to achieve them (Connolly, James & Fertig, 2017). In training their colleagues towards a particular vision and purpose, leaders act as change agents, disrupt the status quo, and manage any resulting resistance. On the contrary, management would not disturb the status quo. In fact, the whole concept of management does nothing more than refining systems and processes that have always been there. Managers are not inherently change agents. Leadership often involves unique practices, and leaders work to set themselves apart from the crowd both in their actions and words. In most cases, leadership aims to create a new and effective culture and structure that will turn every asset of an organization to work efficiently (Madison, Sampayo & Maranga, 2016). While management also works towards efficiency, managers do not shy away from copying and modifying competencies that they have acquired from other people to fit their areas of practice. While leaders take huge risks in developing and testing their modus operandi, managers depend on existing and proven behaviors, skills, and competencies, thus taking as fewer risks as possible (Madison, Sampayo & Maranga, 2016). Finally, leadership achieves its goals through coaching, while management works through giving directions.

Numerous distinctions between leadership and management exist, and they occur in the approach, operation, and eventual achievement of goals.

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