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I am a middle-aged female who works full-time and attends college part-time. I am a self-disciplined, kind, honest, hardworking, charismatic, and highly motivated person. Yet, I consider myself an ambivert as I get somehow shy around people I am less used to but more sociable when with my usual circle of friends. Nothing makes me happier than taking part in charity and helping people who need any form of assistance. I am also a highly adventurous person who loves traveling and meeting new people.

Self-esteem is influenced by the feedback a person gets from external facets such as family and community, among other social factors (Nollan, 2019). Self-esteem determines whether I will view myself positively or negatively. In the case of the former, I will readily explore and develop my self-concept. In the latter, I am discouraged from exploring my self-concept because of the negative feedback.

Other people significantly influence my self-concept. As already noted, the nature of feedback from my social circle may determine whether I will have a negative or positive view of myself. For instance, when I constantly receive unfavorable feedback, I may undermine my strengths and abhor my traits.

Culture shapes my worldview based on a set of provisions and norms. My self-concept develops around these norms and would only change when I am exposed to a different culture.

With a positive self-concept, I am likely to be more cheerful. I may communicate better and openly with others, unlike when my self-concept is negative. Positive self-concept means that I can form positive interpersonal relationships and engage in meaningful communications with other people.

Since how I perceive myself affects my relationships and bonds, it could influence my future communication and behavior. When I receive negative feedback, I am likely to become an introvert because I fear more adverse reactions and vice versa.

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