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History and Archaeology of Medieval Florence Introduction Florence is among the main histo...
4 months ago
15 min, 38 sec read
Question 1: The Garden of Versailles The Garden of Versailles is listed in the World Herit...
9 months ago
7 min, 3 sec read
The Bauhaus also known as the Staatliches Bauhaus was an art school situated in Germany th...
9 months ago
7 min, 6 sec read
Japanese art is backed by a rich and unique history. The art comes in several forms: potte...
9 months ago
7 min, 1 sec read
Bacchus is a 1595 painting by Michelangelo Merisi, popularly known as Caravaggio (Witting...
9 months ago
5 min, 56 sec read
Introduction Wonder Woman, a character in DC Comics is an original creation that art audie...
9 months ago
19 min, 7 sec read
This painting depicts a modern town during a winter season. The townspeople are trying to...
10 months ago
2 min, 50 sec read
Disability art is a concept that was developed as a result of the Disability Art Movement....
10 months ago
4 min, 13 sec read
Over the years, art has been effectively used to convey certain messages to the society, i...
10 months ago
8 min, 31 sec read
A lot of the current artists make use of the hi-tech equipment in accomplishing their arti...
10 months ago
4 min, 31 sec read